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Q&A COVID-19 (updated 07/10/2021)

Q&A COVID-19 (updated 07/10/2021)



I plan to come to the resorts of the Krasnodar Territory after July 1. What documents do I need to provide?

From July 10, all checking-in (including children over 15 years old) must be provided with a negative PCR test or a certificate of vaccination (first or second component). The test is valid for 72 hours.

I plan to come to the resorts of the Krasnodar Territory after August 1 with a child. What documents do I need to provide?

From August 1 - for adults, a certificate of vaccination with the first or second component or a negative PCR test along with consent to voluntary vaccination within three days from the moment of arrival. Children over 15 years of age have a negative PCR test. Please note that the test is valid for 72 hours.

Will the tests and certificates be checked at the entrance to the Krasnodar Territory or at the airport?

No. The necessary documents from you have the right to demand only when you check into the accommodation facility.

Are there any hotel check-in restrictions in Sirius?

Yes, they do.

If I arrived without the necessary documents, will I be accommodated?

In the absence of these documents, hotels and other accommodation facilities are obliged to refuse accommodation to the tourist.

I do not have a PCR test and a certificate, but I have a certificate about the antibodies I have. Will they be able to check in to the hotel?

No, a certificate of available antibodies is not a basis for settling in accommodation facilities in the Krasnodar Territory.

I have contraindications for vaccination, what documents do I need to provide?

You need to provide a medical record and a negative PCR test. Please note that the test is valid for 72 hours.

If I am going to Krasnodar Territory on vacation in my own home, do I also need to provide information?

No, the requirements apply to settling in accommodation facilities: hotels, sanatoriums, boarding houses, guest houses, recreation centers.

We are planning a camping trip. Do you need help too?

All of the above documents are also required for accommodation in a campsite.

We are already on vacation in the Krasnodar Territory. What should we do? Run to take the test?

No, the requirements apply only to tourists checking into accommodation from 1 July. If you checked in earlier, nothing will be required from you.

I will not get vaccinated. I want to refuse from the previously purchased voucher to the Krasnodar Territory. Will I get full refund?

The decision will be made in accordance with the cancellation policy.

In what form should the PCR test be presented?

 In paper or electronic form.

Can I take the test upon arrival in Krasnodar Territory?

You can take a PCR test in any laboratory. But check-in at the hotel is possible after receiving a negative result.

We plan to rest first in one hotel, then in another. Take the test every time?

The shelf life of the PCR test is 72 hours. You need to provide a valid PCR test at every check-in.

I am checking in for one night at the airport hotel. Do I need to take a test too?

Yes, to check in, you must provide a negative PCR test, or a certificate of vaccination.

How long will these requirements be valid?

Until further notice.

I am a resident of the Krasnodar Territory. Do I need to take a test when traveling to the sea?

To check into any accommodation facility, you must provide a negative PCR test, or a certificate of vaccination.

Are the requirements only for resorts? I will come to Krasnodar / Kropotkin / Kanevskaya, I don’t need to take the test?

The rules apply throughout the Krasnodar Territory.

At whose expense are PCR tests done for colonization?

Tourists pay for PCR tests themselves.

I am against vaccinations, I do not believe in coronavirus. How can I come on vacation now.

In the Krasnodar Territory, there are special requirements for settling in accommodation facilities: a PCR test or a vaccination certificate. Without them, you will not be accommodated in the hotel. All other decisions you make yourself

Can I request information for visiting the beach / display facility.

No, only upon check-in at the accommodation facility.

What is the penalty for accommodation facilities that receive tourists without a vaccination certificate or a negative PCR test?

The sanction is provided for by the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation (fine). Each decision is made on an individual basis.

If my PCR expires during my stay at the hotel, do I have to do a new one?

There is no need.

What help do I need if I have already been ill?

When checking in, you need to provide a medical document about a past illness caused by a new coronavirus infection (COVID-19), or a certificate of a past disease COVID-19 from the personal account of the Unified Portal of State and Municipal Services (for persons whose recovery has passed no more than six months before check-in (placement)) in electronic form or on paper.